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indieTorrent Featured in Major Music Industry Book: HIT CLICK

Hit Click book, by Rory Nicoll and Marco Palmer Front Hit Click book, by Rory Nicoll and Marco Palmer Back
HIT CLICK, by Rory Nicoll and Marco Palmer, IS A HIT!

With over 12,000 pre-orders, it's one of the biggest Music Industry books of the year! You can Purchase your copy now!


Exclusive interviews with industry leaders and artists (including indieTorrent.org's own Ben Johnson)! Information you can't get online or anywhere else! Contacts that every musician should have!

HIT CLICK is the must have book for anyone presently working in the Music Industry or attempting to enter the industry.

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The indieTorrent.org project provides an e-commerce framework that enables independent musicians to sell their own music while keeping all profits. Artists may join the indietorrent.org community free of charge, and are free to close their accounts at any time — no long-term contract, no fine-print.

Our aim is to give artists total control over their own music and the freedom to sell their music in whatever manner they see fit. At the same time, we give customers CD-quality (or higher), encryption-free music at prices that artists set.

Read more (lots more) in the indieTorrent Manifesto, which contains a fairly concise Executive Summary.

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