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Rip CDs to Original-Quality FLAC Files

Learn how to convert any number of audio CDs to original-quality files that can be used for archiving or transcoding to other audio formats. We will use FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) to perform the audio encoding. You will also learn how to "tag" your audio files with metadata during the ripping process. These tutorials leverage zero-cost (gratis) software; all required software (assuming you already have Windows or Mac OS) can be acquired legally and free of charge.

Use dBpoweramp to Create Perfect Digital Copies of Your Music CDs

Tutorial Thumbnail Image
Publication Date: Feb 23, 2008
Duration: 57:00
Demo platform: Windows Vista Ultimate
Adaptable to: Windows 2000 or later
Total Views: 1593

Use Max (by Stephen Booth) to Create Perfect Digital Copies of Your Music CDs

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Publication Date: Dec 9, 2008
Duration: 13:41
Demo platform: Mac OS 10.4
Adaptable to: Mac OS 10.4 or later
Total Views: 1356

Picture Tutorials

Preparing FLAC Audio on the Mac Platform
(Picture Tutorial)

This comprehensive picture tutorial details the entire process of ripping audio CDs to original-quality FLAC files, for archival purposes. The tutorial will yield FLAC files that are suitable for upload and sale on This tutorial is an image-based version of the above video tutorial.

Getting Started With Torrents
(Picture Tutorial)

This comprehensive picture tutorial walks the reader through the essentials of BitTorrent technology and the process of configuring a computer to work with Torrent files. We also cover the steps required for artists to upload their music, videos, and artwork to File Naming Conventions
(Text Tutorial)

Reading this tutorial is essential to understanding how ZIP files (and the audio files contained therein) must be prepared for upload to using our full-album ZIP file import feature.

Why indieTorrent?

The project provides an e-commerce framework that enables independent musicians to sell their own music while keeping all profits. Artists may join the community free of charge, and are free to close their accounts at any time — no long-term contract, no fine-print. Learn More »