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Last revised June 20, 2008


Some areas of, such as any page at which you have the option to purchase a product or service, require that you submit sensitive, personal data to our webserver. Such data might include your name, address, and credit card information. In an effort to safeguard your information against unauthorized viewing and theft, we use an encryption technology known as "SSL". An SSL connection is established between your computer and our webserver any time you visit an area of the site at which your personal information will be collected if you voluntarily provide it (e.g. when you buy a digital album to download). As long as this connection remains in place, nobody can read the information traveling between your computer and our webserver.

Whenever you direct your Web browser to one of the abovementioned areas, you will notice that a lock icon appears in your browser window (typically in the bottom-right corner), which indicates that any communication between your computer and our Web server is encrypted, and is therefore extremely difficult to intercept. Your personal information is as safe as is reasonably possible while in transit to our Web server.

SSL Certificate Details

Our SSL certificate, which provides the encryption routines for the secure transmission of data from your computer to our Web server (and verifies our Website's identity), is a genuine, 256-bit Equifax Secure Global eBusiness certificate. Equifax, the certificate's issuer, is one of the world's foremost providers of SSL certificates for the transmission of sensitive data over the Web. (We do not endorse Equifax in any way.)

By trusting the certificate, you implicitly trust its issuer, as well as the webserver on which the certificate is installed. If you do not trust Equifax or if you do not trust our webhost (presently mediaTemple), technical support representatives for which have physical access to our Web server, then we suggest that you do not enter your payment details on this Website. You can view the details of the SSL certificate at any time by double-clicking the lock icon in your browser (the icon is usually located in the lower-right corner of the browser window). The process of obtaining an SSL certificate is thorough and demanding, so you are assured that has been screened rigorously for proper intent and suitability to conduct business on the Web.

To test our dedicated SSL certificate and verify its integrity, expiration date, and more, you can visit our homepage over SSL and inspect the lock icon and certificate for yourself.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance

We are also a PCI-Compliant organization, which means that our personal/financial data handling practices have been reviewed, tested, and demonstrated to be sound. This website also undergoes routine "HackerSafe" screening, which monitors the site for any security or compliance issues on a daily basis.

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